About us

History of the Enterprise

Dam-en-Terre, now is a name which arouses a lot of questioning and with good reason. Literally, Dam-en-Terre means a dam made of earth to retain the water, so as to close off a small bay. Several years ago, workers made a dike of earth to hold back the water of the Grande-Décharge River. In the local expression, it was called a "dam". This is the way the Dam-en-Terre was bord. When came teh time to give a name to this natural site, the name Complexe Touristique Dam-en-Terre was chosen.

The organization changed both its nae and image in 2013. Now corporately known as Centre de villégiature Dam-en-Terre, the enterprise now positions its range of services centered around a corporate image which puts the spotlight on the resort itself, with its lodging and welcoming infrastructure as well, as on excursions and privileged access to the water.