Our team

  1. Virginie Brisson
    General Manager
  2. Nadine Martel
    Human ressources and accounting coordinator
  3. Lydia Fleury
    Camping coordinator
  4. Marina coordinator
  5. Rosa Carrion
    Lodging and congress coordinator
  6. Gabrielle Lemay
  7. Christina Lavoie
    Accounting assistant
  8. Sébastien Bouchard
    Maintenance manager
  9. Steeve Lavoie
  10. Marjolaine Potvin
  11. Gaétan Poisson
  12. Dany Boivin
    Bar manager
  13. Michel Doré
    Capitaine of La Tournée cruise boat
  14. Gilles Dufresne
    First mate of La Tournée cruise boat
  15. Dany Maltais
    Vessel engineer